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Fjallraven Greenland Wax Bar

Wax impregnation for G-1000 garments. Simple to apply when the fabric's wind and water resistance properties need to be enhanced.
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Wax impregnation for garments in G-1000 fabric. Rubbed on and melted in for a water resistant and durable surface. Made from high-quality paraffin and beeswax, which makes Greenland wax more gentle towards both people and the environment than chemical-based impregnation. A wax block of 100 grams will be enough to wax about ten garments.

Product Details

  • Made from paraffine and beeswax
  • Can be used in all G-1000 products

How to use

  1. Apply Wax - Take your block of Greenland Wax and rub it with long, smooth strokes, against the fabric leaving behind a thin layer. You'll want to apply pressure when you do this, but not so much that your movement becomes jerky.
  2. Heat - Using an iron (or hair dryer) on low to moderate heat, melt the wax into the fabric. Again, using long even strokes. Greenland Wax melts at temperatures between 55 C and 60 C. Be sure the wax doesn't get too runny. Don't forget to wipe off the iron before using it on other clothing items.
  3. Repeat - this step isn't always necessary, but if you want to make the fabric even more water-resistant, repeat the process several times rather than applying one thin layer of wax. This is a great idea for exposed areas such as the hood and shoulders or knees and rear.



You can also use the flame of a camp stove to melt Greenland Wax. If you choose to wax on the go, hold the garment roughly 20-30cm above a steady flame. Don't start too close! Begin further away and slowly move the garment closer to the flame until you see the wax starting to melt. Be careful not to burn the fabric or yourself. Put the fabric over the flame and move it back and forth until the wax has melted.


What happens when waxing products with down or synthetic padding or Hydratic lining? So you don't affect the filling, lining or the sensitive synthetic lining used to stop down escaping through fabric, we recommend using a hairdryer to warm the wax. For down, you can also use a tumble dryer on a low heat.


**Please note: it is only the G-1000 fabric that can be waxed**

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shipping from northern ontario
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