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Staff Picks
Fall 2018

Gabel Vertigo F.L.

Economy Comfort line trekking stick for those looking for maximum safety in walking, designed for medium to intense use. Also suitable for winter use: snowshoeing, and alpine skiing. It is indispensable for excursions up to 30 degrees and up to seven days in length.

The LM36 handle, ergonomic and comfortable, is indispensable for the success of your excursion. This model offers a second braided touring handle, located below the LM36, which is very useful for uphill runs. The adjustable buckle model is easy to adjust and use, but that will ensure a firm grip.

Indispensable when walking on soft soils, the wheels are easy to assemble and replace, available in shapes suitable for summer or winter use. The Vertigo F.L. is supplied with two pairs of wheels of different sizes (54 mm and 87 mm) depending on the situation and the condition of the surface you can change them so that you can not sink your pole into the soft ground.


Great Escape

Escaping into the wilderness is
something we can help you accomplish at Ramakko’s. Not only can we outfit you to survive the Northern Ontario landscape, but anywhere in the world you choose to adventure.

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