Hunting 101 for Beginners

Hunting 101 for Beginners

“Few things are as synonymous with hunting as camo. While scent plays a huge role in helping you stay concealed from deer, no one wants to be seen either. As any hunter who has lost a prize after being spotted in the blind will confirm, matching the shadows around you can mean the difference between bagging a kill and going home empty-handed.”

As a novice hunter, navigating the vast array of hunting apparel, patterns, and accessories designed to conceal you in diverse environments can be a daunting task. In this guide, we will provide essential insights to help you make informed decisions and ensure a successful hunting experience.


The Keys to Concealment:
When hunting deer, turkey or moose, the ultimate goal is to remain undetected until your target ventures close enough for an effective shot. Therefore, concealment and comfort are of the utmost importance. You can have the most advanced camo attire but if you are constantly fidgeting or moving due to discomfort you will get busted by the animal in not time. This underscores the significance of selecting well-fitting camouflage pieces.


How Camouflage Works
The importance of pattern and colour in camouflage hunting clothing varies greatly. You can go with the digital camos like Gore Optifade or the more traditional camos like Realtree and Mossy Oak. You can look online and find any number of forums and sites proclaiming one or the other as being better than the other, but the most critical thing is that it breaks up your silhouette in the natural environment. This allows you to blend in better with the shadows and backdrop around you.


In the woods, a mix of branches, tree trunks, leaves, shrubs and other organic features creates a highly variable backdrop that definitely helps keep you hidden. If you wind up walking along a field edge though, it may actually help give away your position as the larger solid colour areas may stand out.

Digital style camouflage, on the other hand, offers a random visual pattern with no blocky solid areas which really blurs your silhouette making it very hard to see where you body outline begins and ends.

Digital camouflage

You will have to watch when hunting large openings, as a digital camo may take on a more solid colour at greater distances (if your camo is primarily black you will appear as a black solid at long distances.) Close up hunting like tree stands and archery are the perfect place to use these styles of camos.


Does Colour Matter?
The camouflage colour you choose for your outdoors clothing can be a relevant factor when selecting effective hunting apparel, but with one important caveat. Studies have shown that deer are colourblind to long-wave-length colours like red and orange, meaning they are unable to distinguish these colours from green. A deer’s inability to see red is the reason blaze orange is a safe colour for deer hunting clothes. However, turkeys can see a full spectrum of colours, making pattern selection critical.

TIP: To avoid detection, steer clear of materials that reflect light or produce a glare, such as vinyl, plastic, and shiny gear. Consider using camo wrap for firearms, face paint, and UV blockers for added concealment.

Avoid detection

Managing Movement and Scent
Deer may not be great at recognizing every colour, but they are ridiculously good when it comes to detecting movement. Like we said earlier, you can have the best camo available, but it won’t do much good if you are constantly moving around. Keeping still is critical while hunting, as is having a comfortable place to sit. We can not stress enough that a hunter must be wearing the right fit of clothes and layered properly to stay comfortable. A lot of hunters use tree stands to raise them above a deer’s sight line and get a higher position to sit and patiently wait.

PSST. We also have a great selection of tree stands and ground blinds.  


Deer have really good noses;

FUN FACT: “Deer have up to 297 million olfactory (scent) receptors in their nose. In comparison, dogs have 220 million and humans have just 5 million olfactory receptors. Not only do deer have a huge number of olfactory receptors in their nose, but they also have a secondary scent gland called the vomeronasal organ that is located in their mouth.” (Credit:

Unsplash - Jeremy Hynes

Today’s hunters relay on a variety of deer scent eliminators to give them the advantage. Special deodorizers, cleaners and scent blockers are designed to mask your scent and make detection by deer more difficult. Other products, like doe and buck urine, are dual purpose – obscuring your smell and helping to attract nearby game to your location.

PSST. We have a good selection of detergents, scents, cover scents, attractants, body wash, soap, etc.           

scents and scent blockers

What about UV Brightness?
Deer have demonstrated a heightened sensitivity to UV light, meaning that the UV brightness of your clothes could potentially give you away. Many grocery store laundry detergents contain UV brighteners to make the colours in your clothing appear more vibrant. (Great for looking good around town, likely to sink you hunt if you look like a glow stick out there). To avoid the issue entirely, always wash your hunting apparel with UV-brighten0free detergent.


PSST. We carry detergents that have no added UV brighteners as well as UV Blocking spray.

UV Blockers

Selecting the Right Hunting Camo Apparel

Now that we know how and why camo plays a role in your overall ability to stay hidden from game, it’s time to find the best hunting apparel for your next outing. Hunting is no different than any other kind of outdoor activity and the same best practices carries over here.


Here are the most important factors to consider as you gear up for the season:

Dress for the weather.

Since you’re going to be sitting around outside all day, it’s important to dress for comfort. Deer season tends to start late in the year and can last through some pretty frigid weather. We all know that the weather in our area can drastically change day to day and even hour to hour. Having the right gear for layering will allow the hunter to be ready no matter what nature throws their way.

Mens Hunting Apparel -

Womens Hunting Apparel -


Base Layers
Temperatures can change throughout the day, so it’s a good idea to start with a camouflage base layer in case you need to shed your outermost layers. If you want to take your jacket off in warmer weather, a camouflage shirt or tee can keep you comfortable without giving up your position as easily.

Hunting Pants
If you must hike through thick woods and underbrush to reach your spot, you’ll need a pair of durable hunting pants. Look for camouflage pants made of rugged, rip-resistant materials that include enough pockets to keep all your small items handy. For all type of hunting other than waterfowl one of the key things that our customers are looking for is quietness. Almost all the gear we sell has been picked for its fit and the fact that they are very quiet. Fleece is the quietest but is generally found in colder weather suits.

Jackets, Coats, and Vests
Perhaps the most important defense against cold weather during hunting season is a quality, insulated jacket. From lightweight varieties for milder days to fleece-lined and windproof options for harsher conditions. Ramakko’s carries plenty of camouflage jackets and coats that offer varying degrees of insulation so that there is something to fit all conditions.

A person will lose the majority of their heat through their head. It won’t do a person any good to oufit themselves with the best pants, base layers, and jackets if they aren’t giving enough thought to their head or feet. Choose a baseball style cap for sun protection and basic warmth on milder days or opt for an insulated beanie for colder temperatures and late season hunts.

Hunting Boots and Footwear
Practical comfort is our repeated message. The right pair of hunting boots should provide you with insulation, protection, and support while you’re hunting. Go with waterproof boots if you hunt in wet environments, insulation-lined boots for the cold, or extra-cushioned hunting boots if you plan on dogging dear or walking long kilometres.

Blaze Orange
In our area, a hunter is required to wear 400 sq. inches of Hunter orange above the waist visible from all four sizes. They are also required to wear a hunter orange headcover visible from all sides. This can be a toque, ball cap or buff.

Blaze orange is only required when there is open GUN season for a big game animal (bear, deer, and moose). Obviously, we would always recommend blaze orange for safety.

Blaze Orange

Camo Hunting Bags
You wouldn’t want to be caught in the woods without your hunting bag – but you don’t want to be caught by your target because of it either. Stay hidden from game by selecting a camouflage hunting bag to store your small accessories. The only thing to remember here is that the bag can not cover your entire back or block enough orange to drop you below 400 sq. inches.

Hunting Seats, Tree Stands and Blinds
Back to the comfort aspect that we keep talking about. You do not want to spend hours on end sitting on a hard log or rock, especially when the temperature drops. Having a comfortable place to sit should be high on any hunter’s list of priorities.

Camo hunting stools and chairs serve this function while still blending into your environment, yet they are designed to be lightweight and portable enough to easily carry to your favourite hunting spot.

PSST. We carry different options in chair, stools, swivel seats and even inexpensive thermos cushions to keep your tushy warm.


By considering these factors and adhering to the principles of effective camouflage, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on a successful hunting adventure.


Happy Hunting!


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