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Factory Silky replacement sawblade for Silky Gomboy 240 saws.
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Factory Silky replacement sawblade for Silky Gomboy 240 saws.

This replacement saw blade has Medium teeth (10 teeth per 30mm / 8.5pi) and measures 240mm in length (straight).

Silky Saw blades use Non-Set Teeth meaning the blade is taper ground to reduce resistance giving smoother, faster, and easier cutting performance.

Silky Saw blades are made of SK-4 High Carbon steel for the best edge retention, meaning the teeth stay razor sharp for an incredibly long time. Blades are also Impulse-Hardened which further helps edge retention of teeth over time.

Lastly, all Silky Saw Blades are Hard Chrome Plated which produces a highly durable surface, reduces drag when cutting, and is resistant to rust and the effects of resin.

Silky Saws cut on the pull stroke, allowing for a thinner and more efficient saw blade. Using the Mirai-Me process, the blade has 4 cutting angles along it's length, leaving a smooth surface after cutting and can rip-cut, cross-cut, and slant-cut.

shipping from northern ontario
shipping from northern ontario
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