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Carlson's Extended Sporting Clays chokes are made of 1704 Stainless Steel and are designed to throw tighter and denser patterns than conventional choke tubes.
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Carlson's Extended Sporting Clays choke tubes are manufactured of 1704 Stainless Steel for optimal performance is any weather condition, and are designed to throw tighter and denser patterns than conventional choke tubes.

Carlson choke tubes feature a 25% longer parallel section throughout the length of the choke, thus allowing more consistent patterns at distance.

Carlson's Extended Sporting Clays Choke Tubes are designed to shoot any Lead, Steel, Copper-Plated, Bismuth or Hevi-Shot shot shell loads.

Slugs and Sabot Slugs are not to be fired through any choke with a constriction tighter than Improved Modified. Do not shoot steel shot larger than BB or any steel shot shell load faster than 1550 fps through a Full Choke. Shot sizes BB, T, and F should not be fired through any choke tube tube tighter than Modified.

Remember to pattern your shotgun with the specific shotshell load you will be using during your hunt. Different brands of ammunition throw different patterns from the same choke tube.

Bore Diameter: 12 Gauge

Compatibility: Beretta & Benelli Mobil Choke

Style: Sporting Clays Improved Cylinder .715

Extended: Yes

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shipping from northern ontario
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